How to add new page on Joomla

This tutorial going to show you how to add a new page on Joomla 3.7.x. By following the below steps you can add a new page to your Joomla site. Step 1 Go to Joomla Administrator page and log in Step 2 Go to Menus -> Main menu -> Add new menu item Step 3 […]

How to install Joomla in localhost

Step 1 Download latest version of Joomla from Step 2 Extract the downloaded zip file to your localhost. The filename will look like ” Joomla_3.7.4-Stable-Full_Package” Step 3 Now start the server by starting both Apache and MySQL Step 4 Enter localhost/Joomla_3.7.4-Stable-Full_Package on your browser and complete all three steps of installation there Step 5 Check […]

How to create a new account on WHM?

Step 1 Go to your WHM account Step 2 Select the menu “Create a new account” from the left side menu bar Step 3 Give all the Domain infotmation Then select your packages -> Click CREATE button    

How to install a wordpress theme using cpanel

Step 1 Go to cpanel -> Select wordpress Step 2 Click install button. For software setup Choose your Protocol ->Choose domain  ->create indirectory name For site settings Give site name-> Give your site Description For admin account settings-> Give admin user name and password Step 3 Select any theme then click install button