How to insert the image slider into Joomla website

Nowadays every websites comes with a image slider in the homepage. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to add a image slider on the Joomla.

To do so you need an extension in your site. I am using DJ-ImageSlider extension.

Step 1

Log on to your Joomla Control panel

Step 2

Go to Extensions -> Install Extension

Step 3

Select the field Install from web and search for a Image Slider extension. I am using DJImage Slider extension. You can use any other image slider extension.

Step 4

After installing the image slider extension go to Extensions -> Modules

Step 5

Select the  DJImageSlider from the list and and click on edit.

Step 6

Give a title for the slider. You can either display or hide the title on the website by choosing the options below the show title field in the right side of the editor window.

Step 7

Configure the options in the module editor window according to your convenience. Don’t forget to add the Image folder name.

Step 8

Assign a suitable position to the Slider and keep the status as published.

Step 9

Save and view your site. Your image slider will be active now.

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