How to create a new account on WHM?

Step 1 Go to your WHM account Step 2 Select the menu “Create a new account” from the left side menu bar Step 3 Give all the Domain infotmation Then select your packages -> Click CREATE button    

How to install a wordpress theme using cpanel

Step 1 Go to cpanel -> Select wordpress Step 2 Click install button. For software setup Choose your Protocol ->Choose domain  ->create indirectory name For site settings Give site name-> Give your site Description For admin account settings-> Give admin user name and password Step 3 Select any theme then click install button

How did brochures come to advertisement?

Ever since the first commercial store was created, people have looked for a way to advertise it. And while in the old days it was enough to shout out your offers at the town square, with the growth of the cities, advertisement has taken new forms and found new life in the brochures. Brochures have […]