Amazon Seller Training in Malayalam

  1. Introduction E-Commerce Business
  2. Investment Required to start an Ecommerce  Business
  3. Documents Required to start an Ecommerce Business
  4. How to select a product to sell on Ecommerce  Website
  5. List your product on amazon
  6. GSTIN Exemption
  7. Fulfilled by Amazon
  8. How to get Product Id to promote
  9. Why not getting orders in amazon
  10. Amazon Seller (30 mins video)
  11. Basic rules for listing a product in Ecommerce website 
  12. Amazon Buy-box Strategy
  13. How to Contact Amazon Seller Support
  14. Why we need to run Ad Campaign
  15. How to list Brand product in amazon
  16. How to list Non-Brand product in amazon
  17. Gst Exemption and Listing a Non-Branded Listing in Amazon
  18. How to list a private Label Branded Product in Amazon
  19. How to process order in amazon
  20. What is amazon easy shipping
  21. What is self shipping
  22. How to handle return in E-commerce 
  23. How to claim returned product
  24. Amazon payment cycle
  25. How to generate GST Report amazon
  26. How to temporarily hold amazon seller account
  27. Amazon seller Account health management
  28. Amazon commission Charges
  29. Coupon code Strategy
  30. Option in to amazon deals